Wednesday, 2 October 2013


All you lowlife haters coming to my blog hiding behid the mask as anonymous, do me a favour why don't you take another bold step and comment with you real name the saddest part is that you hater know me very well and you leave hints that give the fact that your jealous self know me, I put up a post about my son's dead fish just to help ease up your hypertensive and depressive life rather than be thankful for this therapeutic measures somebody that knows me very well came here to scribble gibberish insulting my in d name of advice, I don't blame you, because you are so blind to see the comic side of the post. first and foremost its my blog and my space, I choose to  post whatever I want with no apology, if you don't like reading Primmy's corner take a tour within the blog and suit yourself with other post. As you can see I am smiling and dancing  in the photo above that shows I don't take life seriously and I'm aging gracefully to the Glory of God.  Anyways thanks for the traffic I just made few dollars off you and from today I will be deleting all disrespectful and hateful comments and all fake friends/acquaintance in my life die by fire in Jesus name, to those Poddesk readers out there that saw the comic side of the post (POST) I say thank you for reading and visiting after-all  you only live once YOLO!!!!!!


  1. Gbam Primmyyyyyyyyy i trust you, you too much i like the way you write this straight to the point, your respond is so comical you go girl

  2. i am anonymous but i love u girl

  3. prim prim ignore these bastards, they are all jealous for no reason, it shows they know you but they don't know you if they do, they will know you are such a fun person who doesn't take life seriously only your business, the sky is your limit Primmy