Wednesday, 22 May 2013


This might come as a shock to some people but the truth is, all has not being well between Patricia Olufemi (reigning miss Nigeria Ireland 2012) and the organizers of the Pageant Perod Foundation for quite some time now. According to sources the problems started when the beauty queen dyed her hair to blond which is not allowed by the management of Perod Foundation and Miss Nigeria Ireland, Miss Patricia was asked to dye her hair to black she promised to change it to black which she never did, secondly she had a photo shoot where she posed in pants and skimpy clothes thereby, disregarding the directives from the management that it was against the fundamental beliefs of the organisation and the Nigerian community for which the organisation exist, after much consideration the Organisation had no option than to revoke her title, below is the controversial photo and a copy of her revocation letter



This is to inform the general public that the Miss Nigeria Ireland 2012, Patricia Olufemi has been relieved of her position as Miss Nigeria Ireland 2012 with immediate effect. Below is the full text of her revocation:

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Patrcia Olufemi,

Re: Revocation and Gross violation of terms and conditions of Miss Nigeria-Ireland).

On behalf of Perod Foundation and Miss Nigeria Ireland, we hereby draw your attention to the terms and conditions of the Miss Nigeria –Ireland beauty pageant, whose terms and conditions you signed up to.

By the rules and regulations specifies that you are expected to maintain personal integrity and observe the requirements of good manners and courtesy towards the organisers (Perod Foundation) and the entire public. But in flagrant breach of the rules you have brought the organisation and the title into disrepute and scorn.

By taking part in a movie without the consent and approval of Perod Foundation, you contravene rule 8. In addition you breached the rules by appointing a manager in the name of O’Sullivan during your reign. As a result, the consequence of these actions is a revocation of your title and crown as Miss Nigeria- Ireland 2012.

Further continuation of your act(s) of utter disregard for rules and regulations was displayed when you went to pose in pants and skimpy clothes thereby, disregarding the directives from the management that it was against the fundamental beliefs of the organisation and the Nigerian community for which the organisation exist. Furthermore you used your social network (facebook) and website as a forum to distribute above photos and displayed the Miss Nigeria Ireland name at the top of the website. This is an intolerable act as a Miss Nigeria Ireland beauty queen.

Did the issues end here? The answer is in the negative. You dyed your hair blond against my advice and orders that you revert it back to black to reflect the culture and traditions that you represent as the MNI queen, you refused and carried on with impunity. It is disappointing that you came into this organisation with the full knowledge of the rules and regulations and has decided to rubbish the organisation in such a way, in a bid to cast us in bad light.

You have been taking pictures for some time now that totally contradicts the beliefs of the organisation, photos that ridicules the role model image you are suppose to project. Certainly, this is not the altitude of a beauty queen, and we make bold to say that the implication of this action is grave and misleading to the public at large.

We are not unaware of your public instigation of the your friends and Nigerians to help you in forcing the management of the Miss Nigeria Ireland Organisation you represent into agreeing and submitting to your despicable fashion style and image

It is regrettable that you could carry the internal matters of the organisation you claim to represent to the public domain (Facebook) for discussion.

In the light of your gross violation of the rules and regulations of the Miss Nigeria Ireland, we hereby give notice of the revocation of your title as the Miss Nigeria Ireland 2012, effective from today.

Please return to us any pageant property that may be in your possession, including the Sash and the Crown.

Your Sincerely,

Peter Oghina

Dublin Ireland

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

For Perod Foundation and Miss Nigeria Ireland.


  1. good for her the first time i met her at an event i wondered why a beauty queen would have a blond hair, and people were rushing to take photos with her SMH she looked so unladylike, i hope these will serve as a warning to wannabe beauty queens that your appearance matters a lot. Well done Mr Peter but i noticed one trend here in Dublin why is it that beauty queens don't have chaperon to monitor them and keep them in line?

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  3. beauty queens in ireland don't behave like beauty queens you need to see them at event in short Perod stop this your yeye pageant these girls are not role models at all, i know what i am talking about

  4. Pls is this breaking news??? Im yet to see the relevance of this 'Miss Nigeria Ireland' peagent other than an avenue for a certain person's (peter)ambition to feel relevant. He has shown countless times his unprofessionalism, greed and lack of grace and manners.
    Rubbish begets rubbish.....even in the rubbish the Miss Nigeria Ireland has shown grace and maturity unlike that peter....go to FB and watch the drama unfolds......

  5. MISS NIGERIA IRELAND 2012: There has been various publications all over the internet claiming that she resigned due to unprofessional attitude of the management. Nigeria news