Sunday, 24 February 2013


When it comes to Hospitality in Dublin there is one name that comes into mind VickieRobert Hospitality so what make VickieRobert Hospitality Special and different from others?
 Well, VickieRobert Hospitality is a unique ”Hospitality” service in the Afro-taiment industry in Ireland in the sense that, clients coming from abroad are given a health questionnaire to fill out on arrival before their performance on stage to help manage any health conditions they might have. Vickie and her team of medical professionals ensure each client's Medical information is STRICTLY confidential. Artists who are on medications are reminded about taking their medications while in the host country for an event. 
At  VickieRobert Hospitality, they know that Artists work so hard to keep their fans happy that is why we have a certified Massage therapist in the team to help the Artist relax and also to help their blood circulate to other parts of the body from long haul journey(S) to prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis. Daily vital observation is being carried out on the Artists by VRH team to monitor their blood pressure as Stress can trigger BP, so as to take necessary actions before it becomes unmanageable. More after the cut

VickieRobert Hospitality is a one stop service for all you need for your/ guest Artist. VickieRobert Hospitality has a Nutritionist that caters for the Artist foods. All you need to do is, send an email to (Hospitality Rider) of what your guest/Artist would want to have for the duration of his/her stay.
At VickieRobert Hospitality they  know that every Artist in their country, have a personal stylist and make-up artist before going on stage to perform, that is why VickieRobert Hospitality teamed up with Make-up Artist Primrose Obata Dodo and Personal Stylist Feyishola Adeyemi to make the Artist feel at home away from home!
VickieRobert Hospitality is here to make your Artist short stay a memorable one. We have a dedicated tour guide who will take the Artist to the tourist attraction centres in the City of Dublin every bit of it will be captured by a photographer/videographer 
What more??? PROMOTION! YOU, the promoter and Artist get to be interviewed on some Irish Community Radio Stations, your event will be promoted and the guest Artist will be profiled on VickieRobert Hospitality Blogsite: 
You can contact VickieRobert for that show/concert/ Event Today on 
Phone: 00353-871940922 

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