Tuesday, 19 February 2013


A woman named Ifeoma Harvey has come out to say that Goldie Harvey stole her husband Andrew Harvey

Ifeoma has taken to Facebook to say her part of the story where she claims that she and Goldie were best friends a while back. According to Ifeoma, Goldie waited for the opportune moment to elope with Andrew Harvey to Nigeria, while he was still married to Ifeoma. "She never knew that one day death would come calling," says Ifeoma, "She rendered that man useless,took all his money and right now Andrew Harvey is lying in the hospital in Malaysia."
 Ifeoma went on:
"Goldie went to Malaysia to visit the sick man before going to USA  for the Grammys and came back to meet her mysterious death. Goldie is a liar, pretender and desperado. She wants to get money and fame at all cost... forced her trashy music down our throat, went to BBA and messed up with Prezzo... married woman indeed! Why is Andrew posting their so-called marriage pics now? Maybe the charm she used has cleared from his eyes! He should shut the hell up and pray for quick recovery from his sick bed in Malaysia. After that he can go back to London and beg his wife and two kids for forgiveness!"
Kai  na wah for people please somebody tell this woman to stop crying over spilt milk, why didn’t she come out all this while hissssss all this for only 5mins of fame, madam please respect the dead

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