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SUNDAY, January 13, 2013 is a day the Isiebu community in Isiala Mbano, Imo State, would not forget in a hurry. It was the day one of their prominent sons, Nze Hilary Onuoha, died shortly after telling his younger brother, Mr. Bonaventure Ohuoha, his suspicion of being poisoned where he went to have a drink. The story, according to Nze Onuoha, started when one Ichie Romanus Akano was said to have met one Marcel Emeh, whom it was learnt, owned a convenience store in the community.

According to his story, Ichie Akano had met Emeh and told him that Nze Onuoha had continuously been an obstacle to his ambition of becoming a chairman in the community.

It was learnt that Emeh, during his confession, in the presence of the villagers, alleged that Ichie Romanus Akano confronted him in his shop and threatened to kill him, if he failed to put poison in the drinks of Nze Onuoha since he usually came to his store to have drinks.

Nigerian Tribune learnt that Akano was said also to have promised Emeh N.5 million, in addition to his readiness to sponsor one of his children overseas, if he accepted doing his bidding or alternatively, he should be prepared to lose his life.

Sources disclosed that the cat was let out of the bag on Tuesday, when Onuoha came back home sick. He was said to have invited his younger brother to his room and told him that he was having a serious stomach upset. When his brother asked him what he took, he was said to have confessed to having some drinks at Emeh’s shop, and that he suspected that he must have been poisoned. More after the cut

Nigerian Tribune also learnt that Onuoha breathed his last a few minutes after narrating his story. Bonaventure was then said to have alerted the villagers through the village town crier immediately after his brother’s demise. The villagers were summoned to the village square, where Bonaventure narrated what his elder brother had told him.

Emeh was said to have quickly denied any involvement in the alleged conspiracy. Upon his denial, the villagers were said to have agreed that money would be raised to carry out an autopsy on the corpse of Onuoha to ascertain whether or not the deceased had died of poisoning.

In the evening of the same day the meeting was held, Nigerian Tribune gathered that Emeh was said to have sneaked into Bonaventure’s place allegedly to confess to poisoning his brother, while saying that he could not die alone for a sin jointly committed by Ichie Akano and him.

Bonaventure had then summoned the villagers again, charging Emeh to inform them what he had narrated to him. Nigerian Tribune learnt that after Emeh had repeated the story to the large crowd of villagers, they were immediately stripped naked and paraded round the village.

Nigerian Tribune also learnt that the duo would have been lynched save for the quick intervention of prominent citizens from the area who pleaded with the crowd to hand the suspects over to the police at the local government headquarters, Umuelemai, which the crowd agreed to do.

Meanwhile, the youth in the area, out of anger, burnt the houses of both Ichie Romanus Akano and Marcel Emeh, for allegedly masterminding the killing of Nze Onuoha, their illustrious son, who was said to be a kingmaker in the community. 

It was gathered that the family members of the accused Ichie Akano and Emeh fled from the community to escape the wrath of the angry youth, while properties, worth millions of naira belonging to the suspects, were destroyed.

Nigerian Tribune also learnt that the two suspects, who hailed from Isiebu in Isiala Mbano Local Government Area of Imo State, are now cooling their heels at the Isiala Mbano Divisional Police Headquarters following their arrest over the alleged murder.

According to Marcel, Ichie however promised to give him N.5m and send one of his children to overseas, if he accepted doing his bidding or he (Marcle) would lose his life. Ichie Akano hails from Durukwari kindred, Isiebu Autonomous Community with the deceased while Marcle Emeh hails from Umudalum kindred, in Isiebu Autonomous Community. 

Culled from Nigerian Tribune

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