Thursday, 4 October 2012


Church dinner/ Movie Premiere Dinner
Yeah  I took a major major decision last week to stop dying my hair okay not stop stop but to dye it once a month instead of twice a week (I know you must be saying big deal) honestly to me it’s a bold  step.  It  took me a long time to summon up courage to leave my grey hair, aside from my hair  wahala my big brother from another mother Basorge Tariah Jr was in town, when he called me to say he was coming into town for an event my sisterly instincts went into over drive preparing and cooking correct egusi and banga soup yeah yeah I am a fantastic cook,  it was a no dulling moment for me.
I had three dinner events to attend during the weekend and I decided to order a lovely green sequin dress  online for my first event on Tuesday 2nd of October hoping it would come  before Saturday 29th of October but it never showed up you can imagine the stress and mental torture I went through hoping and praying that it comes but it never did I was so angry and frustrated.  For more click on read more

ACN Dinner
By Friday when my dress did not arrive, I decided to wear a blue flowing chiffon gown I bought from Mango I paired it up with a black belt and silver shoes and guess what everybody loved it.  Got to the first dinner at my church Christ Ambassador Christian Centre, it was so classy, the food was off the chain trust me,  as a food lover I know what I am talking about, stayed for some time took photographs with friends and church members before leaving for my second event of the night the Premiere of “Last Flight to Abuja”  I got a free pass curtsy of my brother Basorge I drove to the venue of the event with my friend Uche with so much excitement only to be stopped at the Gate according to them my name wasn't on the guest list (Whattttttttt) if there is one thing I hate, it’s being  stopped at the gate and told to step aside until they confirm and sort things out.
It’s  the most embarrassing thing ever, and believe me the guys at the gate were like mobile policemen, I no mean abroad mobo ooh, the type you see in Nigeria they were doing their job as if there was no tomorrow.  After some time my embarrassment turned to anger after  I stood there for like five to ten minutes as they tried to sort out the your name is not on the list wahala when it was finally sorted the chief gateman bouncer security refused to let me in, that was when I lost it, even when they were telling him that there was a mistake and apologizing he was so adamant not to let me in,it was as if it was the first time he was given  a position of authority hmmmm finally he let me in. I was so angry by the time I got in but when I saw my brother and friends my anger melted. I have told myself this kind of embarrassment will never happen again if you are inviting me for an event  please try and send the invite down to me before the event if not I go stay for my house jeje. I met a lot of friends shout out to Petra, Hilda, Rita Chineye, as for those I don’t remember their names you all are in my thoughts and prayers shout out to Anthony Akinwande and the lady in red who sorted the whole guest thingy out. The event was a blast, the dinner was wonderful loved it, yummy mashed potatoes me likey.  The movie was fantastic, well done to the producer Obi Emelonye more grease to his elbow.
My dress finally arrived and I wore it for my last dinner party on Monday, the Com Adams Oshomhole’s Victory Celebration dinner organised by Action Congress of Nigerian Edo State Chapter, it was a lovely dinner party, nice food and a rich display of Edo culture.  The only problem was that I and my friends were over dressed, secondly they were speaking Edo most of the time which to me wasn't cool if you invite guests from different ethnicity and tribe who speak other languages please get a translator or better still communicated in english, if not they will end up feeling bored and lost. All in all it was a nice event got home on time to give my bed a solid hug.
With my girls- Stella, Uche, moi, Anita, Lilian and Betty


  1. primmy you fine shaa baba God spend time for your body

  2. primrose well done we don't need to be at an event to know what happened i love the way you write very descriptive.l

  3. prim prim prim you are so down to earth

  4. Shout out to you too girl, lovely outfit, lovely hair, girl you are damn beautiful in and out, God bless you