Wednesday, 3 October 2012


This is the hight of wickedness how can a man lock his wife up and forces her to eat his poop for three days according to reports,
A 32-year-oldman from Bulawayo's Robert Sinyoka area has been sentenced to seven years in prison for locking his estranged with in a room for three days and making her FEAST on his feaces for survival.
The incident which typifies the zenith of cruelty took place in July but was only reported to police recently. Lucky Matiza and his 19-year-old wife were staying separately at the time of the incident. The woman had also just given birth. for more click on read more

It is reported that on the day, the woman met her estranged husband while walking in the suburb. Matiza is said to have dragged the woman to bushy spot where he reportedly subjected her to a vigorous interrogation for three hours on why she separated with him. Unsatisfied with the feedback, Matiza took the woman to his lodgings and locked her in a room.
The woman spent the whole night without eating. In the morning, Matiza proceeded to the room and told her that he was not going to give her food unless she gave him reasons regarding to why she parted ways with him. The woman, however, refused to do so.
It is alleged that hours later, Matiza returned with a BOWEL FULL OF HUMAN WASTE that he claimed was his and told her to eat it. With hunger setting in with each passing microsecond, the woman was left with no choice BUT TO EAT what was before her. That was also the routine in the evening and the next two days.
With the detention approaching four days, the woman's health gave in and she fell sick. She was then taken to hospital where all was revealed. Matiza was arrested and appeared before Bulawayo Senior Provincial magistrate, Mr Willard Moyo who was geared to render adequate punishment for the cruel deed.
The man was slapped with a seven-year jail term before two years were suspended on condition of good behaviour. Matiza told the court that he indeed made his wife eat his poop.
In passing the sentence, Mr Moyo made it known to Matiza that he had committed a very serious crime.
"There is no excuse for what you did and the sentence should show that. You made matters worse by separating the woman and her two weeks old baby for three days, which is unacceptable," fumed the magistrate.

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  1. It is well the man should be made to eat his own poop