Tuesday, 16 October 2012


I am really getting sick with all these incident of people abandoning innocent babies in dust bins and bushes, now cemetery haba, if you know you are not ready for a child please use a condom. As a christian I understand that  God knows best and we should question him but I just have to ask God this question WHY?
According to reports An 8 days old baby was found abandoned at a cemetery  in Kakuri, Kaduna South local government area of Kaduna State yesterday by two good Samaritans. 
The baby suspected to be eight-day-old was found wrapped inside a bag and abandoned at  the cemetery.
The baby , who had maggots coming out from every opening on his body, was still alive, according to reports.  For more click on read more.

Mr. Robert Ogbole, a student of Bayero University Kano and Miss Grace Yahaya, a Kaduna State athlete who found the baby, narrated their experiences to newsmen.
Ogbole said: 
“I was at home at about 11: 30 am when my younger brother (Mike), who passed through the cemetery to the football field came with a report that he heard the sound of a baby inside a bag at the cemetery. So, I quickly called my neighbour (Grace), and we ran to the place.
“On getting there, we found this baby boy rapped all over with cloth and was kept in the cemetery, so we picked him and this my neighbour helped to unwrap him, the baby had maggots coming from every opening of his body but was still alive.
“We then took the baby to Young Men Christian Association (YMCA) clinic in Kakuri where the baby was treated before we brought him to the police station.
“The nurse at the clinic confirmed that the baby should be about a week old and probably would have been in that condition for about four days,’’ she said.
Meanwhile, the PPRO said, the police will carry out necessary investigation with a view to unveiling the perpetrator of such dastardly act.


  1. May God punish d culprits that dump this baby in a grave yard to die they have shown ur where they will be buried

  2. Amen,life is not fair people are looking for children n God is giving kids to satans advocate on earth SMH