Monday, 24 October 2016


Normally I don't get involved in issues that don't concern me mostly on social media or say anything unless I am asked to, but this morning I go a WhatsApp message from my friend DJ Ola, and in my head I was like okay maybe it's the issue of a fake account with his name that requested my friendship but alas it wasn't because I say a photo with a message saying he duped women of their hard earned currency and my brain went into action could it be the same person who use his details and photos to dupe these women? Hmmmm could it be the fake account user?

Last week  I got a friend request from a facebook acct requesting my friendship, so I sent a message to my  friend Dj Ola to ask him how many account he has on facebook? he said one. I screen-grabbed the fake acct and sent it to him and he said my sister it's fake that's not me I have only one account. More below

I suggested to him to post it on facebook alerting people about the fake account because I see a lot of Dubliners following this person which he did, surprisingly  that is the exact photo on the post the person used in circulating this said story. My people, please let us not jump into conclusion it may be the fake account user that duped all these women, I even sent a message to my friend Bukky saying I see u are following this account? Dj Ola says it's fake, and she immediately unfriended the person. In this time of online media madness, we need to be extremely careful and vigilant  my people, fraudsters use people's  details and picture to dupe other people online. 

Please if you  receive a friend request from any of your friends who are already on facebook kindly make an effort to contact them, I do it all d time even with Naija celebrities I contact them immediately. We must be careful not to fall, a victim.  By the way, what are friends for? Should you know your friend and be ready to help in your own little way to defend them instead of helping to rebroadcast or share such negative information by  the way who such information don epp sef?

As for my sisters that were allegedly duped it is well, I sympathise with sister kindly get in touch it the appropriate authorities to look into it and get the culprit arrested and your money hopefully recovered be strong. 
I just felt I should let say my piece concerning  this damaging story.

Please, this post is not to discredit this lady, I don't know her or the women involved so I can not say  what I don't know about their dealings with DJ Ola but I write this post to share my thought concerning this issue. POD

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