Sunday, 30 October 2016


Yesterday has come and gone indeed when God gives you a vision he gives you the grace to see it through. When I started Ta'zor Lee in 2012 it wasn't easy to get people to see my vision and go along with it gradually I started doing my thing quietly touching lives in my own little way from the little I have, until 2015 when I decided to go public with our first ever Ta'zor Lee Fundraising Dinner and Award Night. When I started preparing for Ta'zor Lee 2016, I never  knew that life had plans for me and my family until that faithful day in September when my mum passed on, by then I had gone far with preparations for my fundraising event and now I was in a dilemma as to what to do, should I go on with the event? I know my mum would have wanted me to go on but I had to discuss with my husband and siblings first because I know how myopic or should I say cynical we Nigerians are in our thinking lol, anyways they gave me the go ahead and I am glad they did,  God was kind enough to send the right people with the right mindset to come out and  support us. 

With their support and God it happened, we had fun and I even got gifts (2 bags from Eya bags) lol I am so proud of myself and my team, and still in awe.  I say a massive thank you, to everyone that came, for my sisters that flew in from the UK Angela of Migrant & Minority Disability Network Ireland who also MC'd the event, and Vickie Roberts of Vickie Robert Hospitality. 

Yesterday was full of surprises  for me I finally got my Ambassadorial certificate  from UPF Nigeria which was presented to me and my dear friend and sister Lora Ruth Wogu by my fellow Ambassadors for Peace Angela  Unufu and Vickie Roberts. This was very special because you have to be at the inaugurations in Nigeria to have your certificate presented to you but it was sent all the way from Nigeria (I guess I am special) wow! I am now an  Ambassador for Peace in Diaspora, this is huge  

What makes this special for little me, is receiving a special congratulatory message from the Secretary General of Universal Peace Federation in Nigeria His Excellency Dr Rapheal Ogar. My dear sisters and brothers whatever you do, do it well because people are watching and also listening and hearing everything you do.  Do not let negative people pull you down, do not let anybody tell you, you can't do anything you set your mind to, they may not support you but God does and by his grace you will succeed. Mind the kind of people you hang out with. Work hard don't be afraid to make mistakes it is aloud when climbing up the ladder.  Most importantly as we prepare to enter 2017 re-evaluate the people around you and make the right decisions. 

Thanks to Nkem Dike of "cute cakes, Rock of Ages, Dj Ola, Angel Micheal, Seun D Beads, Eya Bags, Angela Unufe, Adebukola Law, Vickie Roberts Isoken Aneni, Saliu Ere, Tessy Ugoh, Efe Osobase, Harifa Daly of Miss D Talk show, Pricilla Nalana, Lora Ruth Wogu and my mini me Yoma Dodo. Congrats to all the reciepients of our award

I cant wait for next year when we will gather again to help touch and impact lives positively. God bless

A big congratulation to me Ambassador Primrose Obata Dodo

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