Wednesday, 30 March 2016


I have read all sorts of stories from left right and centre concerning Ibinabo Fiberesima's issue even on my wall from people who don't even know her both negative and positive smh people she is not as bad as people are painting her to be we should all pray not to encounter problems in our lives. Nobody is saying Ibinabo is above the law, all we are asking for is your prayers for her to pull through this storm, what happened that day was unfortunate and sadly Dr. Giwa died (May his soul rest in peace). Ibinabo spent 3months in jail about 10yrs ago and  later opted for a fine of 100k which I believe anybody in that position would have done, now after 10yrs, she has been sentenced to jail all we are asking for is forgiveness. A lot of people have said Ibinabos supporters are selfish and all yes I agree to some extent just as some people want her to go to jail others want her out of jail not because she is too big to serve time but because this incident happened 10yrs ago. 

I sympathize with d Giwas but I stand solidly with my friend Ibinabo in this difficult time and pray to God to see her through. Ibinabo has being my friend for more than 22yrs we have had our ups and downs we have laughed we have cried and we are still standing even though we don't see all the time due to distance one thing I want to let you know is that Ibinabo is a very nice  down to earth lady, generous to a fault. 2 days ago my kids called me and asked mummy Rose are we still travelling to Spain for easter with aunty Ibinabo and her kids I said no you could have seen the look on their faces and Yoma asked why mummy and I explained to them the situation on ground and Troy went mummy do something I said like what? He says bail her she is a nice person she fixed my laptop I had to hide my tears.

Ibinabo is nice to a fault when I was planning my first fundraising event I called her and said Ibilicious I am organising this event and would like you to be my special guest her response was I will be writing my exams around that time in Spain but I will do anything to make you happy you are my sister a day before the event she flew into Dublin on getting to Ireland she was mad I booked a hotel for her instead of letting her stay in my house which is 5mins from the hotel. Before she left my son Troy asked me for my laptop I refused and Ibinabo went Primmy na ur way Troy use my laptop and I said IB ask am wetin e do to in laptop she went e no matter on her way back to Spain she took Troy's laptop had it fixed and sent it back via DHL that is Ibinabo for you.

I called to speak to her and her PA said aunty Primrose  she is not allowed to take calls send a text and I will read it to her immediately my tears poured and just wouldn't stop since. I learnt the number of people including ex-convicts Ibinabo met and helped 10yrs ago with their bail were trooping in to pray for her God bless them all. Ibinabo I know you to be a strong woman hang in there, this too will pass we love you and are praying for you. May God continue to be with d Giwa's and also be with Ibinabo. Please, people, forgive and pray for her.

Written on the 17th of March, broadcasted and shared on BBM and Whatsapp 

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