Sunday, 18 January 2015


Guys hope you learn from this lol
1. Ashewos stand by the road side or joints or hotel to get customers while runs girls will stay in their apartment when a call will enter from only God knows where that their service are needed

2. Most Ashewos are mostly broke but Runs girls will know how to find their way even if things wana get worst 

3. Ashewos call their clients customers while Runs girls call their clients MAGA

4. You can know if a girl is a prostitute coz they don't hide it, but trust me, you can be dating a runs girl without knowing, they do their things codedly 

5. Financial problems bring most people into Ashewo business but Greed and lust t bring most girls to runs work 

Hookers don't profess love but runs babes can spin one's head with love, sweet talking you to part ways with more dough.

Hookers got a flat price for their services, runs babes got none, their rates depends on how muguish their prey is

Hookers are most time available in quenching conji but runs babes you have to inform her well ahead when you need her services, failure to do so will means she travelled to see her uncle from her aunts brother niece village who is sick

Hookers are not interested in going to that mall or high street shop with you, their dictum is money for hand back for ground, whilst runs babes you both have to shop in happening places and the best eateries as she can hardly have time to cook due to her busy schedules with different magas, and yes you both will be off to Dubai for sight seeing.

Hookers are more risk free of stds than runs babes as most alhajis eat raw and are ready to break the bank to see her succumb 

Hookers are not interested in your private life, affairs and what you do with your wife or girlfriend but runs babes may want to see to your divorce.

Written by  Tobilastik

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