Tuesday, 16 September 2014


May we meet you?
My name is Lady FunL'ayo I am wife and mother  turned rapper I'm actually trying to promote my song.

How did you discover you talent?
I Pick Rap up this year (2014) and aspired to be as good as Busta Ryme. I've always wanted to be a singer in the 80s but it was a No No in the household I grew up in. The inspiration came again this year and I started writing songs.

Is your family in support of your music?
I got the support of my husband and children. 

How did you come about your name?
My husband didn't want me address by my first name in the industry hence we came up with Lady FunL'ayo.

Tell us about your single Trust?
My first song TRUST came about after listening to the lyrics of  some hip-hop  songs in which I'm huge fan of... I decided to fight for the babes... Cos we are not commodities .. . B.S.F words were the only words we hear.... 

What inspires your songs?
My songs are mostly inspired by our environment. ALEBU (Imperfection) in English is due out this week and Procrastination No No No... Working on my fourth song.. and many more to come by God's grace.

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