Tuesday, 16 September 2014


Three children from same parents narrowly escaped being lynched by some youths who accused them of witchcraft. The kids - Shedrack Esin, 14, Israel Esin, 10, and Miracle Esin, 7, were attacked after their father, Mr. Etim Esin, who was also accused of witchcraft, was killed by some unidentified persons on Monday morning in Unyenge, Mbo Local Government Area, Akwa Ibom State.  According to Punch, neighbours say the kids father Etim wanted to use witchcraft to kill a resident of the area. Thankfully, the children were rescued by African Children Aid Education and Development Foundation, a non-governmental organisation, which contacted the police. And according to the project director of that NGO, Mr. David Emmanuel, the kids were about to be attacked because the villagers believed that their father had passed the witchcraft to them. 
He said, but for the swift response of the police which saved the children from being lynched, the angry neigbours would have killed them.

Back in July, the children's father had petitioned the police through his lawyers that his life was being threatened by some people on the allegation that he was a wizard trying to use his witchcraft power to kill one of their brothers.

But weeks later, on September 3, he was killed in his home around 4am by unknown assassins when he went out to urinate. The police in the area, say they haven't been able to establish if the death was connected to the witchcraft allegation or not.

A neighbour of late Etim, Mr. Victor Asuquo, said it was difficult to ascertain if Etim was actually murdered.
He said, "I think he collapsed and died when he went out to urinate. Many people have died this way and it is irrational to often associate this kind of death to assassination.
"From what I heard, there were no sign that he was shot or attacked, except on his nose. Let the police investigate the matter so that we can know the end of this matter."
Interestingly, the man Etim was accused of trying to kill, died on Tuesday around 10.45pm. The children are currently under the care of ACAEDF while investigation into their father's murder and attempt on their lives continues

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