Friday, 8 August 2014


Wonders shall never end did remember the words of king Solomon that say "vanity upon vanity is vanity" According to reports A Nigeria Mother of two Thelma Idahosa from Bromley, south east London, spent £8,500 on a number of procedures and even asked for a refund when she complained not enough fat had been removed during a liposuction. The graduate, 29, forked out thousands for surgeries on her thighs, stomach, arms and ‘love handles’, as well as skin-tightening procedures, using ‘stolen credit card details’. 

She was given a six-month suspended prison sentence at Woolwich Crown Court and was told she would have been jailed if it had not been for her young children.
She spent £4,000 at the Harley Street Skin Clinic and then purchased £4,500 worth of treatment at the West One Clinic – where she even demanded a £1,000 refund after only three litres of fat was removed instead of six.Described as ‘incredibly rude and aggressive’, Idahosa – who was seven months into another suspended sentence at the time of the fraud – she phoned the clinic ‘shouting and ranting’, threatening to visit and cause a scene.The company suffered an additional loss after agreeing to refund her two sums of £500.Prosecutor Mr. Arizuna Asante told the court on Friday: ‘Other people’s identity came into play when the cards were preferred for payment. This was fraudulent from the outset and consisted of multiple frauds.’There is only one reason you are not and that is because you have a relatively young child.A sentence of imprisonment that would amount to weeks or months is outweighed by your child’s rights.’However, you can’t hide behind your children forever and if you commit an offence within the next two years you will go to prison whether you have a babe in arms or are pregnant.’

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  1. What a shame these are the people spoiling the image of Nigerians abroad I dont know why she wasn't jailed