Friday, 25 July 2014


I am beginning to believe that people have more respect and value for chicken lives than that of humans.
A Brooklyn woman beheaded her tenant and neighbour a mother-of-four because of unpaid house rent. According to the reports Leah Cuevas, 42, had a fight with LaToya Thompson Browne over payment of house rent. Cuevas was “pretending to be the landlord” after the building’s real owner passed away last year 

She collected rent despite the building’s lack of hot water and scant electricity — and Browne finally got fed up and decided to stop paying... She wanted to move out of the dilapidated Sumter Street building then Cuevas became furious. Things got so bad, that on the night before she was murdered, the NYPD had to separate the two women. The following night, which was on July 5th, Cuevas approached Browne in her apartment and tried to give her one last chance to pay up. But when she refused, Cuevas attacked her, stabbing her repeatedly in the throat and chest until she decapitated Browne and scattered her body parts in various locations.
Browne’s dismembered torso was discovered in a wooded lot near the Fire Island ferry terminal in Bay Shore on July 9, authorities said. Her severed legs were found nearby. Days later, the woman’s arms were found in separate yards in Hempstead, about 25 miles west of Bay Shore, and her severed head was discovered at another home on July 17.She was arrested on Wednesday and facing prosecution.

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