Monday, 19 May 2014


I have always had dreams and visions which I  have struggled to birth, some I gave birth to successfully other I had miscarried due to one reason or the other most especially in the area of finance, I was so heartbroken because the ones I miscarried where the ones I am more passionate about.
it got to a stage I became so frustrated and angry with myself for not being able to  carry out my dreams I questioned God (now I no better now not to question God) I gave up everything even blogging with sadness and anger.  After a while I realized giving up and not fighting for what I believed in was  failure on my part so picked up myself and forged ahead it is not easy and I am not there yet, I am still struggling and  I have made up my mind to achieve my dreams with the resources around me  and the grace of God,  instead of waiting for a huge budget (Trust me that budget will come because my God has said so).

I am happy to say the future is very bright I see a beautiful light at the end of the tunnel. My sincere advice for people starting up in business is to never give up on yourself believe in your dreams, put your all in God's hand, focus focus focus never look back, just focus on the light at the end of the tunnel,  surround yourself with positive people I am not saying it easy trust me, it is not I have being there, done that when it comes to struggles, forget what you see on Facebook ha ha ha ha ha all that glitters are not gold but God in his infinate mercy and grace will see you through. And please please quitting is not an option guy (serious face)
It is always good to appreciate people who have being there for you also, who see your vision and believe in it  and encourage you no matter what. My friends and husband believed in my dreams even when I thought it was over they  kept pushing me with words of encouragement and actions, even in my ministration in church they see that special something in me that God has deposited that I never saw. I really don't know where to start from or what to say to you ladies and guys I know we fight argue and makeup, that is life and it makes our friendship stronger the only thing I have to say to you is God bless you immensely as you have held me up through it all, may God continue to hold you up

Hussy Bakore Dodo I appreciate u megaly my love,(you are always there for me trying to make sure I achieve my dreams God bless you for me *winks* I salute sir) 
Julius Agwu (our story go full this blog you always have my back) 
Ayodele Olusola Alfred(my brother and friend who can bring out the beast in me in a split second.we fight like there is no tomorrow but you still got back you too much) 
Lillian Afi Washington (my sister friend navigator, adviser, laughing mate and all bless you) 
Betty Idemudia Emelu (my sister friend adviser and the only one who can calm me down when I am angry big ups) 
Amb Vickie Robert Okere (my friend, padi for jungle, motivator you always see in me what I don't see in myself, always pushing me to be better and take action, quitting is not in your dictionary, my engine we talk for hours every day y'all and always have things and ideas to talk about) 
Bose Inneh (my friend, sister and adviser thanks for all the encouragement I hail)

Una too much love u guys to the moon and back i appreciate you guys scarra menn damn I have too many advisers lucky me


  1. the road to success is never easy but surrounding oneself with pple who supports and encourages you is a blessing.

  2. Love your honesty prim u are ever so down to earth and humble

  3. Temitope lagos20 May 2014 at 01:25

    I was introduced to your blog by a friend who insisted I read your article today because I am going through a lot and have given up on life in general I most say this is inspiration and motivating. I love you honesty you write from the heart and I am now a fan of primmys corner thanks and please keep it coming. I have decided to give myself a second chance in life like you said quitting is not an option. Stay blessed

  4. Nice one primrose

  5. Mummy Rose!!!!!!!!!!! i am blushing ere....always a pleasure to be a source of inspiration xx