Tuesday, 6 May 2014


Okay initially I refused to post anything or say anything about the missing girls because I had a my reservation this I still do because I have not seen any photo only that of one girl hmmmmm what about the other girls don’t they have photos? Anyway I came across this video today and the translation and decided to share for those of us who don't understand hausa.  I guess this brouhaha is getting more interesting. To watch video click HERE


“What Boko Haraam leader, Shekau said in his video to all Nigerians!. ..”I am going to marry out any woman who is 12 years old, and if she is younger, I will marry her out at the age of nine, just like how my mother, Aisha, the daughter of Abubakar, was married out to Prophet Mohammad at the age of nine.

“You are all in danger, I mean all of you. “I am the one who captured all those girls and will sell all of them. I have a market where I sell human beings because it is Allah that says I should sell human beings. Yes, I will sell women, because I sell women. “I captured and abducted girls in a Western school, and it became a worrying issue for all of you. You have forgotten that I have said that it is not only girls’ education I am against. I am against everyone who attends a Western school. Girls should go and marry.

“Slavery is allowed in my religion, and I shall capture people and make them slaves. “Don’t think we are done yet because we are not. We are on our way to Abuja and we shall also visit the South, not to look for Jonathan but to destroy the nation’s refineries. “Talking about human rights and democracy. Nonsense. People that are doing same-sex marriage and saying they are leaders.

“I will imprison Jonathan’s daughter. Anyone who turns to Islam will be saved. For me, anyone that embraces Islam is my own. Stupid Jonathan, you will be surprised. Until the land is soaked with blood. “You said you want to capture me. Surely, you will one day. But I will also haunt for Jonathan, and if I catch him, I will kill him.

“Do not think I am indispensable, I am not. Anybody can kill me. Even the smallest of creature can kill me. But when you kill me, somebody more deadly will rise, and you will cry that you will rather have me than him, just as you now say that Yusuf Mohamed is more lenient that me.

“I am a leader, I don’t have any president; I am my president. “Late Aminu Kano, Late Tafawa Balewa are not Muslims, they are all pagans. I am going to kill all.”

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