Tuesday, 10 September 2013


Hello everybody, I am so excited to be back on my blog and most especially Primmy’s corner I have missed you guys so much. I really want to give baba God a big thank you for everything, I guess you guys must be wondering where I have been and what I have been up to lately, the truth is I have been here and there reflecting on my life on those little things we take for granted and taking life one step at a time ( I am a firm believer in reflecting and rediscovering yourself once in a while) it’s being one heck of a journey, it’s being crazy, interesting, frustrating, funny, and stressful, interestingly these past few days of incommunicado I was able to reflect on the things that made me strong as a woman, things that tried to break me but didn’t succeed, friends, family and career . In my time of reflection I found God yeah I found God almighty he is faithful and how awesome and amazing it is having a relationship with God, it has given me hope, confidence and more faith in God ha ha ha ha ha I know exactly what is going on in your head and mind, how come she is just knowing God is she not a member of CACC and also in the choir  my dears having a relationship with God  and going to church are too different things trust me I can go on and on but that will be a topic for another day and I can proudly say I AM BORN AGAIN believe it or not.

During my time of reflection 

I realized what I love, really love

what I like and what I don’t like.

What I hate and detest with a passion. 

I realize much we worry about situations that cannot be changed

People who read meanings to everything you say or do

How we try to I try to analyze and rationalize the situation. 

I realized I can’t stand fake people who pretend to me who they are not SMH.

People who try to put you down and never have anything nice and encouraging to say to you or about anybody else

People who call you up to gossip about others not that I really indulge such people I just discovered that from the depth of my heart I can’t stand them.

That I really like my male friends more than my female friends (don’t take it the wrong way ladies I am just being honest here) I discovered there is less drama with the guys, they are more sincere than the ladies 

I don’t like tight fitting clothes 

I can’t stand chipped nail polish.

 Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha  I just can’t stop laughing at myself there is so much I don’t like in my book that if  I continue this blog will not be enough to express it anyways aside from my journey of reflection I had such an very amazing time, I had series of interviews which I found very interesting because it gave me opportunities to sell myself (Primrose)to the world and also my brand Prim N Proper Ventures hmmmmmm we will definitely get there in Jesus name, I also achieved some things I have in my bucket list (Still got a gazillion things to do in my bucket list) but my greatest achievement this year was finally having the courage to start on my biggest project for now POPDESK TV ONLINE, major deal for me because I had to be in front of the camera and it wasn’t funny at all and having my son Tevin as my director nerve racking, but had to put everything on hold for now cos my baby Tevin lost his dad and we had to travel to Nigerian for the burial, we only just got back today more on that later. 
I am so excited to be back people, love you guys and please spread the love catch ya see you laraaaaaaaaaaaa *winks*

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  1. Welcome back primmy, and please tell your son to accept my sympathy

  2. Sorry for ur loss

  3. Sorry about d loss of ur son's dad, may his soul rest in peace and welcome back.

  4. My darling how far? I have been calling your phone, no reply. Welcome my sweetheart and we thank God for travelling mercy.

  5. Eyah! Accept my condolence. Welcome back, we thank God for everything. Ha ha ha seriously Primmy! I've never liked tight fitted clothes...and with this recent trend of middle age Dublin women wearing colour blocking unside down, tight fitted clothes with their pot belly and handless clothes with their sretch marks. Like Yuruba tribal marks! Lol.. Just wanted to bring that to your notice should in case you haven't noticed! Welcome once again!

  6. Melody Maker. ..(Yinka Adeniyi)10 September 2013 at 09:59

    Ride on "sisterly".....
    More grease all over you.....not your elbow alone!

  7. Primmy primmy welcome back missed you blogging by the way you are so pretty

  8. Primmy primmy welcome back missed you blogging by the way you are so pretty

  9. Primmy primmy welcome back missed you blogging by the way you are so pretty

  10. Primo! Welcome back! We bless God for everything.

  11. Ur such a wonderful woman prim, may d good lord guide and keep u for us.I love u.