Thursday, 12 September 2013


Thank God for journey mercies back home to Ireland, I travelled out of Dublin with my son to Imo state Nigeria for his late dad’s burial ceremony, it was a very sad experience because he was such a young man with many unaccomplished dreams really sad. As usual I missed a whole lot of happenings in Dublin and the world like the Stella Damasus V Senator Yerima debate on Aljazeera’s the stream, Bianca Ojukwu v FFK  and the testifier Kemi Omololu  Olunloyo aka KOO to the most interesting “9ice live in Dublin concert” , learnt there was a lot of drama,hmmmmm allegedly it wasn’t a small marra according to my olofofo antenna somebody was punched, outstanding debts of two years not paid by the celebrity, a certain Nigerian artist coming to perform without  visa, arrogance towards fans on the part of some artists  and strictly no photo session with fans at the awards dinner night held for 9ice except for VIPS, seriously? the list is endless , story for another day cos I am still trying to gather my information *winks*( if you have any info or tips on this story kindly inbox me @ , wives leaving their husbands name it even my kids had something to say, the sweetest  being thank God you are back mummy we miss you . I guess I should say hot gist coming soon.

Anyways let me start with my journey to Nigeria; we got to naija in the evening and were welcomed at the airport by the stench singing you are welcome to our nostrils. Stepping outside the airport the heat whispered into my ears, by the time I finish with you this your yellow pawpaw skin go turn to brown ha ha ha ha ha  ha we got home in one piece, if you have visited Nigeria or live in Nigerian you will understand why I said in  one piece. All through the ride home I was chatting away with my brother obi who came to pick us up from the airport and whom I have not seen in ages (6yrs) talking about everything from Okada riders, Government,  friends, the new Mega city, even though all I saw in Lagos was disorganisation and chaos well done Gov. Fashola. 
 All through the ride home I avoided one very important topic, the reason why we were in Nigeria,  Musa’s death and burial I guess there are some issues you cannot avoid, my brother finally hit the nail on the head by asking me what next, any plans as to the burial now you are in Lagos?  I looked at my son's face and instantly I saw how deeply his father’s death affected him and the fear of taking on a whole new role and responsibility as the first son, right there in front of me my son transformed into a full grown man, and I gave him a look that says mama has got your back no shakings.  The moment we got to Lekki area of Lagos we rushed down to see the family for a meeting and updates, God bless them they were so kind and welcoming, there is nothing  like family I tell you, there is this sense of security and belonging when you are in the mist of you family and loved ones. My day two was spent figuring out our journey to Mbano in Imo state, I rushed off to see my very good friend Joy Chico Ejiro on the set of her husband movie producer Chico Ejiro new movie, I wanted so badly to see my other friends Julius Agwu (my brother for life), Rhoda and Aramide but had no time. My dear friend Comedy was planning to host me in her house but had to cancel cos I couldn’t make it awwwwww Commy my love what can I say but bless you. 
Day three our journey to Mbano began trust me, the journey wasn’t funny at all I was hell bent on travelling by air but my friends and family convinced me to travel by road, huge mistake, how did I let them do this to my body and soul, and all this while I thought I had a mind of my own. Anyways the convincing started when I was in  Dublin with the help of my hubby, who finally got a driver for us  from Benin who came to pick me and my family to Imo state he stayed with us all through the duration of our stay there (please don’t ask me how much it cost but feel free to ask for his company number and address). The first shocker of the trip came when we got to Ijebu Ode and these funny looking men jumped out from nowhere, you can imagine my fair skin turning to red at the sight of them only to be told they were actually a bunch of Lagos tax force men who lacked manners, insisting we produce our car Radio Licence (scratching my bald head)  whatttttttt ? car Radio licences ke how, where, what connection okkkkk to cut a long story short my driver who is a typical Naija driver had no Radio licence, after all the gragra he ended up paying N21,000 for the so called Radio licence before we were finally allowed to go and so our journey into the valley of the shadow of death called naija road began, the roads are so terrible , did I just call them roads ? My bad they are actually death traps. 
All through the journey to Mbano I saw about 6 accident in total, coming back more deaths and accidents, God almighty I was so scared to close my eye for a second I was freaking out big time, my BP was running high, I was worried for myself, my son, my brother and the driver gosh just writing this brings goose bumps to my body, the roads are so bad, as for the driver, Jehovah e kwere ehe  ojo make I lef their matter before I develop convulsion, I know some people will be like why all this drama Primmy? After all you are a typical Naija babe, yes I am, secondly I have been out of the country for God knows how long now and I have not visited Nigeria in like 6yrs and have not travelled our of Lagos since forever I hear about the roads but not the drivers and never knew they were that bad God help us all.
 I got to the village and after a warm/sad welcome the wake keeping / service of songs began, the atmosphere was so thick with sadness that you could actually cut it with a knife, went to bed about 12:30 because we had a very hectic day ahead, woke up early with sadness for the burial proper, I watched as the walls of bravado my son built around himself came crumbling as he received his father’s corpse in tears I knew instantly I had to put on my brave mummy face to be the pillar of support I was born to be as a woman and as a mother , God bless his soul  I know wherever his dad is he will be so proud that his little boy did everything to make sure he performed all the rights required to give his father a befitting send off to baba God yeah that is what I choose to call it a befitting burial, came back to Lagos for the after burial outing service at the All Souls Anglican Church Lekki Phase 1 Lagos, I want to say that Ndubuisi Musa David Nwachukwu was giving a befitting burial by his kids Tevin Davina, kelechukwu and Uzoka  with the help of their fabulous Uncles Paul, Ifeanyi, Obinna and Chukuma Nwachukwu God bless you guys, OG I feel your pain the Lord is with you. Special shout out to uncle Frank and uncle Phil we appreciate you guys God bless you.
This is the much I can say and I hope this answers the question everybody has being asking me “how was your trip to Nigeria and how was the burial?”
Nd Musa Nwachukwu good night may your soul rest in perfect peace 1967 – 2013.


  1. Eh yah Prim well done you are such strong caring wonderful woman not all women will do what you did,travelling all the way to naija with your son to bury his dad? God bless you, your kids are so lucky to have you as their mum. by the way you the potential to be a fantastic write and funny too hope to read your book soon. stay blessed and give my love to your son

  2. Eh yah Prim well done you are such strong caring wonderful woman not all women will do what you did,travelling all the way to naija with your son to bury his dad? God bless you, your kids are so lucky to have you as their mum. by the way you the potential to be a fantastic write and funny too hope to read your book soon. stay blessed and give my love to your son

  3. welcome back Primrose

  4. welcome back poddesk may his soul rest in peace you are a strong woman will love to meet you some day

  5. Welcome back, thank God for overseeing your journey to and fro, a faithful God he is.

  6. Thank God for journey mercies. accept my heart felt sympathy

  7. Welldone 👍
    You have done well. May God bless you and give your son the grace to go through this period.
    May his gentle soul rest in peace.

  8. Well done my dear sis, na baba God power you use cos no man get this kind power except God give am......well done!

  9. May his soul rest in peace..well done primmy

  10. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace... It is well in Jesus name.

  11. Welcome back sis Primrose, may his soul rest in perfect peace. Junior you are so lucky to have a mum like your mother.

  12. Primmy i have always said it and i will continue to say it you are an inspiration you just should me that life is all about forgiveness and love you are one in a million, Tevin may you always respect this woman not every mother will do what she did for you

  13. Your a wonderful inspirational Mother

  14. Your a wonderful inspirational Mother

  15. May God rest his soul. I knew Musa very well and also know his fiance in London who he loved too damm much.
    I hope his children get to know about this God fearing man that brough so much light into my life.
    I also advise you to please find out more information about suituations before you write such a post. If you had really known Musa, you would also know there is a lot more to this that meets the eye and unfortunalty the only person that can answer your questions doesnt seem to have attended the funeral because she is not in the pictures. Chai... look at life.
    God rest your soul Musasa.... One love.

    1. May Musa's soul rest in perfect peace, I know Musa very well and his whole family and they all know me cos i want out with him for close to 7yrs before i had my son who happens to be his first son Tevin, i know everything i need to know about Musa as you can see i was at the burial i n his girlfriend received his body at the Mortuary and presented to my son so my dear brother or sister i did my home work but decided to write about my trip to Mbano rather than talking about Musa and his family. thats me n my son in the photos cheers may his soul continue to rest in peace