Monday, 12 August 2013


 Tonto posted this photo above on her instragram page and wrote below it.. 

"WokeUp happy n decided to share diz***I've bin here b4 n I can tell u we stronger Dan our problemz/painz/Etc**That day I realized SUICIDE iz for COWARDZ**if u've gat no1 to talk to like mii I suggezt u strt wit GOD,diz shitzzzz crazy(world) but it iz Ourz dnt leave it in SHAME,ILOVEU"---Tonto Dikeh

Oky learnt this suicide thingy did happen, I just wonder why tough Tonto would want to take her own life its scary, Tonto please please we love you and love to see you on our screen, please  You need to ignore the negative voices and comments you read and hear  all the time I know it is not easy but God almighty will see you through and strengthen you, girl you have friends and a family who loves you, remember fame comes with controversies and also not everybody will like you, nne  suicide is not the solution to any problem only God e nu go biko omalicha nwa, asa nwa, tomato Jos from dept of our heart we say we love no try this break dance again 

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