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Maimouna Salif is one of the best African female rappers we have in Dublin, Maimouna is presently studying science at the national university of ireland galway. The fast rising rapper has been creating quite a buzz ever since she stepped into the music industry over a year ago and  has just released a new single is called “wavey” . to listen to her new single click on the LINK enjoy her interview below

Poddesk:  Tell us about you Educational background?

My name is Maimouna Salif I am studying science at the national university of ireland galway 

Poddesk:  How did your parents take your decision to go into music? Were they in support of it right from the very start?

my parents are my rock I'm honestly just so grateful to have parents like them . They are my best-friends they've always supported me from day one when everyone didn't believe in me they always have . There the first people to listen to my music and give me feedback on it .  I'm a very lucky lady 

Poddesk: How would you describe your kind of music?

I'm a very versatile person I don't really stick to a specific genre I just really appreciate every  style of music , but at the moment I'm doing hip hop and trap music.

Poddesk: Why rap? Why did your love for music tilt towards rap?

To be honest I've always just loved music and I just to listen to lil kim , missy elliot and Biggie  a lot and I thought they were amazing and I always wanted to be like them .so I guess you could say they were one of the main reasons I loved rap so much .

Poddesk: At what point did you decide to take music seriously? 

I only started rapping last year and from that point on I've taken my music so seriously . I really love making music 

Poddesk:  As a lady, how do you feel, venturing into a field that is mainly dominated by men, do you feel intimidated? And how do your male contemporaries see you? 

As a lady I feel like you need to be strong confident and have self believe to venture into a field that's mainly dominated by men . What's also very important I believe is always to remain positive and never feel intimidated .
A wise person once told me ( also a musician )" always remain humble and never feel like you are not as good as him\her and never feel like you are better than anyone because that's the kinda attitude that gets you no where, and I agree with him . At first there were certain guys that did look down on me and saw me as a joke but now I feel like I've shown that I do take my music seriously enough to be taken serious as a rapper . To be honest so far I've gotten nothing but love and respect from people . Trav nines my producer who owns mic a blaze records is someone who has helped  me from the start his like my brother .I've been Getting a lot of love from the likes of Bitteroc and Alan newan who both did a remix to my track called DumDum . I'm just honestly grateful 

Poddesk:. A friend called you the“first lady” of hip hop, being one of the few African female rappers in the Ireland, do you agree to the title ?

aww really  I'm grateful thank you so much .  I don't know if there is any other African female rapper at the moment . But in Ireland there is a lot of female rappers and they are all doing there thing and they are amazing . I love seeing us lady's work hard.

Poddesk: Tell us about you new single?

Well my new single is called wavey its basically a summer song of having a good time with the crew its out by the end of august . The single is going to be my first video  
Right now I'm just working on two new mixtapes one is out in 2 weeks which is called '' all about the beat " and the next one after that is called letter to him part 2. 

Poddesk: Who are your musical inspirations locally and internationally?

Internationally I'm just loving kendrick kendrick kendrick lamar his just so talented also drake, J Cole, Wale, Azealia Banks, Shakka, Beyonce . 
Locally rap scallions zara O shea(Galway) 
Innocent (Dublin) Piere(dublin) Doda(Dublin) Acesta(Belfast)

Poddesk: Where do you see the African music industry in Dublin, in 5 yrs time?

it will only go as far as we allow it to go . We must support each other and promote and appreciate each others music . About the African music industry I'm not so sure because I only do hip hop not African music so I wouldn't no . But generally speaking for the music industry in Ireland I hope in 5 years music will be appreciate and people get the recognition they deserve and worked hard for.

Poddesk: What does fashion mean to you?

I think fashion is important and as a lady its good to know how to dress for your size . And to know what flatters your body.

Poddesk: How do you relax?

I'm a music addict I listen to music 24/7 haha so that relaxes me a lot the likes of Miguel, Elle arner there voices are just soothing . I also like going on walks to get some fresh air into my system . Praying is also very relaxing and its very important . 

Poddesk:  Advise to upcoming female artistes who are struggling to get to the Top?

ladies don't ever let no body tell you  wouldn't get anywhere that kinda talk is just negative speech .Believe in yourself and work hard . Hard work surely pays of at the end . Whether you believe you can't or can do it is your right . Its all up to you do your best . As for making it to the top I haven't gotten there myself I'm still working hard to get to where I wanna be . You got to set yourself goals in life . Stay focused and get rid of all the negativity in you life . People come and go but as long as you are focused just know the right people who will contribute to your success rather than tear you down. Stay strong  mwah

Poddesk: Finally any message for your fans?

its only been a year since I've started and I'm just so grateful for all the great opportunities coming my way and all the great experiences I've had .To my loyal fans thank you so much for remaining loyal  always . I've received nothing but love and support from you guys and I'm honestly just so so grateful . I'm a very lucky person and I'm blessed  words can not explain the gratitude,  respect  I have for  my fans. I'll forever remain thankful, you guys are just so amazing 

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