Friday, 11 January 2013


Nollywood superstar actress Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde was interview recently by  African Magic and this is what she had to say 

You have been asked this a million times but what inspired you to get into the reality TV business? 
It’s another form of entertainment and I am an entertainer.
Will your children and husband make a cameo or appear on your new reality show? The show is about my life and they are a part of my life so at some point they will be featured.
There will be 13 episodes of the new season. So far which scenes make you cringe? So far the second episode, where I had a fight with my director Mr Christian.
You have been branded as the sexiest African woman and even bagged awards for it. How do you maintain that? 
By maintaining my confidence and constantly working on myself.
Right now social media is a big deal. How are you using it for your career and pushing the show? 
Social media for me has been a blessing, it has afforded me the opportunity to get closer to my fans and I love it. More after the cut

What is your typical day like?
I start my day with prayers, I try to drink water, I go have my bath and set out to do what I have to do that day, at the end of the day I take off my makeup and take a lot of water during the day to stay hydrated.
What business venture would you like to get into?
I’m already in some of them that I really love, but I would like to get into more manufacturing.
You had a column in one of the Nigerian dailies Omotola’s Diary. What was the highlight of penning the column? 
That was my first stint with reality, where I was writing about my everyday experiences in the Sun newspaper. I do the same thing right now with OK Nigeria.
Do you see yourself maybe writing a book in future?
Absolutely, an autobiography.
Going back, there was a time you were part of the G8 actors who were banned by movie producers. Did that ever faze your resolve in pushing ahead in your career? 
You have stared in so many movies. What is that one role or character you would like to play that you haven’t? 
The action heroine.
As a musician, I can recommend some Kenyan music video locations to shoot your new singles. Are you working on any new music? 
I am currently working with Grammy award winning producer Kendrick Dean and Verse Simmonds from Konvict Music and we are looking to feature a special guest.
Being a big international star. Do your kids treat you as such? 
What has been the harshest criticism?
None that I can remember.
What was your reaction to D'Banj mentioning you in his Oliver Twist song? 
I think it’s very flattering and it’s nice to be recognized and I wish him all the best.