Wednesday, 16 January 2013


There has being a lot of story circulating about Ibrahim Chatta battering his ex-girlfriend which lead to their breakup. The man at the centre of the controversy has come out to say

“I didn’t batter my ex-wife contrary to what people think,” he insisted. “The only time I hit her was the day she slapped me for dating another woman. We were not married. We dated and we had a baby. The mother of my child never stayed at home whenever I was away for movie roles. She was always away and because of her attitude I started dating other women who helped me at home. She was misbehaving so I had to let her go.
“I couldn’t condone her indecent dressing. We were not married but that does not give her the right to misbehave. The mistake I made was to feature her in my movie. The result was that she wouldn’t come home for months. I was the one taking care of our child. Is that a woman to marry? I dumped her because I could no longer cope with her.”

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