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Fifteen years after the celebration of the birth of quadruplets to the billionaire Olorogun Moses Taiga and Yinka Taiga, it has been revealed that the tale of the quadruplet is a big lie meant to deceive the public. 

The very private Mother of Moses Taiga's twin daughters has finally decided to speak out in response to several defamatory publications about her and her twins in the press as sponsored by Oyeyinka and Moses Taiga.

She said her decision to speak out was informed by the failure of Moses Taiga and Yinka, over the years, to retract damaging publications against her and her children. And she very recently informed Moses that she was going to start publishing her responses to those publications. (More after the cut)

"I wish to respond to their false story and set the records straight once and for all", she said. 

Nneka states clearly without mincing words that Moses and Yinka Taiga are not the biological parents of the acclaimed quadruplets in question contrary to what they had led the world to believe. That the children are not biologically linked with each other except for the twins.

City People Magazine had  published an exclusive story about the Lagos Billionaire in Paternity Scandal on the 5th of March, 2003 where  Yinka told the world that she got pregnant and was delivered of quadruplet upon a miracle she experienced during the Annual Holy Ghost Congress of 2000 tagged "Open Heaven".

According to that publication " in Yinka's testimony, she claimed to have been persuaded by her friends, who assured her that God will meet her need and answer her prayers and just two months after attending the Holy Ghost Congress, she discovered that God had indeed answered her prayer, when she found herself pregnant in the early 2001."

However, Nneka claims that the four children were given birth to by three different birth mothers, none of which was Oyeyinka. 

“I will deal with the issues of the birth mothers of the children, copies of the birth certificates, Bank statements showing payments and transfers made to the players and  many more interesting documents in my very detailed and subsequent publications.” She promised. 

Nneka claims “the birth certificates of the acclaimed quadruplets obtained in the United States for instance, shows that a set of twin boys were born between 8.23 am and 8.31 a.m respectively and the other two, recorded as single births were born at 12.04 pm and 9.25 pm all on the same day at the Cedars Sinai Medical Center, 8700 Beverley BLVD, Los Angeles, USA."

She said "Howard Mandel MD, attended to the births. So by the certificates, Yinka started taking the delivery of the children, from 8a.m to 9.25 pm! Unbelievable! The birth certificates are public documents which can be accessed by interested persons upon application to the birth registry in Los Angeles.  Yinka is called upon to debunk this allegation if untrue.” 

"I'm at a loss as to why they need to concoct such stories of quadruplets and live in lies when they can easily confront the truth. There's nothing wrong with adopting children and if Yinka had done that shady arrangement she should not falsely accuse others of doing the same thing", she wondered.
Yinka should have just stayed inside her house quietly and not run to the press to try to cover her lies.

On the denial of paternity of her twins by Olorogun Taiga, she said “Moses owes the Almighty God, the twins and herself profuse apology for being so ridiculous as to initially deny paternity of the children he begged her to have for him. “I have been doing fertility treatments and IVF and ICSI with Moses for as long as I have known him. The DNA result of my Children done as far back as 2004 and presented to the UK court shows that Moses was 99.9% the father of the twins and that I was their mother. Moses and Yinka are called upon to produce the DNA result of their “fake quadruplets”. I will in due course put out our medical records and notes from Moses during the several fertility treatments.

On whether or not she was duly married to Olorogun Taiga as denounced by Oyeyinka, she said  "Oyeyinka has disparaged me for too long calling me Moses' mistress and all sorts of unprintable names.  I chose to keep quiet but she never stopped her harassment. It is laughable to say Moses did not marry me. We got married before he ever met Yinka.".         
She said " in due course the video coverage of her customary marriage with Taiga will be posted on YouTube "for everyone to see Olorogun Moses Taiga dance out his heart on the happiest day of his life."
She explained that "after I went to court in the United Kingdom  where I reside, to ask him for the dissolution of our marriage on the ground of intolerable behaviour, Moses also filed for a divorce here in Nigeria at Uvwie Area Customary Court  on the 4th of March, 2003 on the grounds that I refused to change my maiden name to his name and that I was travelling out of the country without his permission among others. He also made claims for custody of my twin daughters who were barely two years old at the time, amongst other ridiculous accusations." 
My question is simple - Can you divorce a woman that you claimed you did not get married to? Or can you make claims for custody of children that you earlier said were not yours",  she quizzed.
She said a copy of the processes is available at the Registry  of  Uvwie Area Customary Court. on why she decided to dissolve her marriage to Moses Taiga. She said, The matter is before the Supreme Court of Nigeria. And so I will not speak more on that. But it's nothing to do with Yinka and fake quadruplets. I had my own issues with Moses Taiga. It's sixteen years since I walked out on him and he's refused to let go. Moses’ ego has been brutally bruised for walking out of his life, I encourage him and Yinka to tell the truth, face their demons and desist from harassing my daughters and I with false publications.

News Source Mrs Nneka Mercy Taiga 

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