Monday, 26 October 2015


Wow good to hear from Wande I was beginning to wonder where he is hiding anyways the singer has come out to set the record straight saying contrary to wide spread speculations,God brought him out, not Don jazzy. According to the former Mohits member during an interview with Channels TV, he said
"I give all the glory to God Almighty. He is been the one that brought me out because Everyone keeps saying it is Don Jazzy that brought me out. I feel like its just two magical people having great talent and they come together to create magic. So its not by one man, its by God."

He however admitted he misses his former boss ..He added

To be honest there is no lie about it. I miss Don Jazzy. When we are in the studio. he is funny. Trust me I am a comedian. I like to laugh. I like to joke. I like to create stuff. Jazzy is the same way too so I feel like our chemistry is mad but hopeful we could work together sometime. There is no beef, there is no stiff. I don't know why people are trying to create problems"he said

Well said Wande but God used Don Jazzy to bring you out biko so give him a credit

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