Tuesday, 28 July 2015


This is really sad what has the world turned into? I saw this on facebook today and tears rolled down my eye for the dead child and 16yrs old Tajudeen who will obviously rot in jail what a wasted generation. At age 16 I was focusing on my studies and how to actualize my dreams the thoughts of being a millionaire never crossed my mind but today when you talk to any child all they want to do or be is to be rich, where have parents gone wrong because there is something our parents did back them that we are not doing now maybe we should go back home seek advice from our parents. I am really saddened by this  and also lost for words, parents please let us teach our kids the fear of God and that patience and had work is the key to success, according to the reports

16year old  Tajudeen Azeez, lured his 4year old neighbours to a primary school in the Ijanikin area of Lagos, stabbed him, strangle him and removed his intestines, his kidney and cut of his penis. He did because a man named Osho had approached him and asked him to get him fresh human parts and would pay him 50,000naira. 50,000naira is what a human is worth to some, 50k, Unbelievable sad."At first, I did not want to succumb to the temptation but it kept coming, when I woke up this morning,(Monday, Yesterday), l saw Ibrahim at the back of the house, l told him to escort me to primary school not too far from the house, the name of the school is Anglican Primary School, Ijanikin, he followed me to the place and on arrival there, l stabbed him with a knife from behind, he fell down and l strangled him with a rope, l then cut his stomach open with the knife, l am sorry for what l did,"Tajudeen Azeez Said?

Tajudeen had been arrested by the Lagos State Police Command and is currently at the homicide section of the State Criminal Investigations Department (SCID), Yaba. According to the Acting Police Public Relations Officer for the Lagos Command, Patricia Amadin, the body of the deceased has been deposited at a government mortuary, she said Tajudeen was arrested following intelligence information."Base on the strength of the information, the DPO and his men raced to the place, on arrival, they found the lifeless body of a 4year old boy while the suspects was soaked in the deceased's blood, from close observation, it was discovered that some vital organs such as the Kidney and intestines had been removed from the deceased, all the organs were kept in a black nylon bag, the suspects was promptly arrested and taken to the station, we are now looking for Osho who is on the run,"Acting Police Public Relation Officer For The Lagos Command Patricia Amadin Said?

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