Thursday, 25 June 2015


I really don't understand what is wrong with this generation na na na I take that back what is wrong with my generation why can’t we dress appropriately to an event? They invite you to a child dedication you go in a mini dress, they invite you for a 1- 10yr old birthday party you go in a skimpy outfit like a stripper competing with pre-teens and teenagers, they invite you to a wedding you go in all off your stripper glory and game on hoping to catch a guy there and in your hearts of hearts you believe such a guy will see you as a wife material think again sis never ganna happen. 
They invite us to a funeral or service of songs you see ladies strolling in as if 50cent is shooting a music video at least have respect for the dead by the way who in God's name do you intend to hook up to in a grave site? 

The most painful part is Church, kai no fear for God these days you see women in church dressed as if they are in a night club breast and ass popping like seriously ladies n somebody say common sense is come I beg to differ come sense is not come because if it is then a lot of us ladies will know there are different outfits for different occasions how the hell do you feel comfortable in a see through blouse and mini skirt? God frowns as such read Exodus 28v42-43 he is not interested in your nakedness. 

Most if these women are married with kids why are their husbands not saying anything? What examples are we showing or setting for our daughter? If you as a mum can dress the way you dress to church what moral justification do you have to correct your daughters? I have seen teenagers dressed like club girls and I wonder if they live with their parents God help us.

I am not against mini dressed or see through dresses or tops I so rock my mini dresses once in a while it’s just knowing the right place and the right time to wear it, as a mother and a woman of 30 and above we should learn to dress age appropriate that Beyonce and Rihanna wears them doesn’t me it's for everybody they are entertainers and need to dress that way to be in the spotlight it’s how the entertainment game is played.  Think of your daughters they look up to you in everything you do,  do you want them to copy you and start dressing like prostitutes in the name of fashion? Such dresses in most cases attracts the wrong attention to this girls people don’t end up seeing the intelligent young lady God has blessed you with they only see how irresponsible you are as a mother and how you have failed in you duties as a mum why guys see sex written all over her. 

Please let us get it, right ladies, you can feel all sexy when you are off to Grace’s 40th birthday party and clubs because there is no young child there to see you. I remember a lady once attended a 1yr old birthday party in Lekki dressed in a very short micro mini and spaghetti top and the celebrants dad walked her out in anger in front of everybody it was so embarrassing, I would do the same without any regrets . if you think people are celebrating your fashion sense or admiring you, you are deceiving yourselves they are laughing at you and how silly you look. My sisters this is not fashion or trend but outright ignorance stupidity and total disrespect for God and your host.

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  1. Thanks for this Primrose about time somebody speaks out its everywhere even when they are coming to visit a fellow married women they dress like hoes trying to lead the man of the house to sin may God help them