Monday, 3 November 2014


A Poddesk blog reader sent me this photos according to her a friend of hers  bought a can of Malta Guinness on the 28th of October 2014 after almost draining the can she noticed something grainy in her mouth and screamed what's inside this can, according to her she spat out some dark horrible looking things, that was when they now got a glass and poured out  the remaining drink only to discover this sediments inside the can. They immediately called the customer care number on the can, a lady picked up and said they will send one of their officials down the next day according to them they waited for the whole day but the Guinness officials  never turned up.

They called the number again the next day and the same lady picked and said they will visit in a couple of days but gave no specific date. Later they called back after tossing them around on the phone and asked them to come to their office which with the drink she refused because according to her like we all know they will take the can from her end of story. According to our blog reader the lady is now complaining of stomach upset.
Please Guinness Nigeria look into this matter asap, this is not the way to treat your customers and  please if there is any Podstars (Poddesk readers) who work or know someone that knows someone who works in Guinness kindly beg them for us and tell them to take action if na overseas dem know how e for be.
Anyways my olofofo antenna is alert for the part 2 or continuation of the saga. Blog reader keep us posted
Can with batch number L4135L5004.03 :15 BB; 15: 06: 15
Poddesk warns: Always pour you Can drinks into a glass before drinking you never know you might be saving your life

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  1. My sis, dat Na true story 'cos I witness am myself just Tuesday here I say make I treat myself with a bottle of cold malt only to find some ugly sticky dark brown residue in my glass. I nuh dey lie Na true. If I read dis info before now I nuh for buy malt drink at all ...