Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Culled from Kemi Olunloyo's blog

"I support the UNDERAGE marriage LAW but encourage any girl to say NO if they don't want to marry...YET!
Nigerians please start pushing the GAY marriage out too and get your wish and stop being cowards.IF YOU PUT MARRIAGE BILLS ON THE 2015 BALLOT LIKE DEVELOPED COUNTRIES DO, I'LL BE HAPPY.
I changed my mind. Let these girls MARRY at their own will if they want.Let them get an education if some rich or caring man wants to care for them.From studying Nigerians, many of you are certified rapists, incestual and pure cruel to girls period. Continue after cut

Read our Nigerian Tribune piece by Monica Taiwo how Nigerians are seriously ruining lives of girls.Many girls have approached me @HipHossip on twitter and in person and phone telling me that family members violate them the most. Some however did not want to marry that young fearing they will lose their education. I will rather see them as small wives that are loved than rape and incest victims. Here in my hometown, the girls hawking in the motorparks are being raped all hours of the day and nobody does anything about it. You people are straight up frauds with the #ChildNotBride issue.
For some of you on my page who dig your fingers into 10 year old vaginas, God will punish you straight up! That is why your stupid lines have pens not penis, education not ejaculation etc. You are fucking corrupt in Nigeria secretly teaching them about sex in your lines and you dare collage these Senators as perverts and pedophiles.
 Long as the girls are not slaves I'm OK with it. Modern slavery of any kind will get you ripped my me. If you are gonna get them pregnant, take care of them. Most teen pregnancies happen in developed countries by 15 anyway so my take is to take care of these girls. Nigerian men have been marrying out their daughters for ages. Being a law now is no big deal. Human rights here does not include gays and lesbians. Give everyone the right of marriage. LIKE America's DOMA, Marry who you love!
That Underage marriage bill will PASS!AMEN
Watch me inform teen girls about the bill in my hometown Ibadan and what they had to say. It was a wrong message at first but now I informed the girls of my changed decision to get their education and not be forced."

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