Sunday, 23 June 2013


 I saw these photos online of Pastor Kumuyi second son’s wedding to Love Odih on the 15th of June and the controversy surrounding her dressing  and I thought to myself what is the big deal?  What has she done wrong here she is dressed like any typical bride, I understand people are upset because compared to other church members wedding outfit her dress is flamboyant, but according to some members Pastor Kumuyi has  not stopped any bride from dressing the way she likes my opinion is that some Christians are just fanatics, why some people  are saying she may not be a member of Deeper Life Church.  Anyways  my Olofofo antenna went to work and found out that she is indeed a member of Deeper Life Church, her father, Bishop Augustine Odih, is overall pastor for the Deeper Life Bible Church in Jamaica, and director for the Deeper Life Bible Schools there.

Below is her data, I must confess she is a very accomplished woman 

Born: Calabar, Nigeria
Admitted: 2012, Jamaica
Education: Norman Manley Law School (Legal Education Certificate of Merit) 2012; University of London (LL.B, Hons) 2010; University of the West Indies (B.A. Hons. History, Criminology) 2007
Language: English and Spanish
Practice Areas: Civil Litigation; Commercial litigation; Contract; Personal Injury
Recipient: The Norman Manley Law School Certificate of Merit -2012 ; The Norman Manley Law School Principal’s Roll of Honour–2010/2011-2011/2012; The Professor Stephen C. Vasciannie Scholarship 2012; The Council of Legal Education- Principal’s Special Prize – for students who received straight A’s in 2011 or 2012 ; The Andrea Gabrielle Lloyd Memorial Prize 2012; The Raphael Codlin Prize for Most Outstanding students over two years -2012; The Council of Legal Education-Special Mooting Prize - World Human Rights Moot Court Competition Prize ( Pretoria, South Africa) 2012; Winner of UN-OCHR World Human Rights Moot Court Competition & 3rd Place Best Oralist award- 2011; The University of the West Indies- Award for Excellence in Service & Leadership 2007.)


  1. I think its a big deal. I grew up a deeper life but left when I became an adult. My sis just got married as a deeper life member and she was all covered up. Dis has always been d practise of their church. No flower, make up jewellry, reaveling any part of ur body. Dey don't even relax their hair, dey just weave their natural hair. So for dem to allow d girl dress like dis will definately call for pple to talk. In d history of deeper life nobody has dressed like dis. They should have adviced d young lady dat d Nigerian depeer lifers are extrimist so she should have dressed like d pic on d right and no flowers, exchange of bibles no rings. D first time I also saw d pic I could not believe it. Becos dey don't allow it. Well maybe becos she lives abroad, but even at dat she should have been warned.

  2. There's always the first time. Na una choose to dress like poor person no be girl fault, I no go suffer go school like thus the only one important day of my life I con waste am! Because make I ni for offend people. I beg make them go sit down jare!! Go girl I bless you jare

  3. this is 2013 who dress like the woman on the right? abeg make una leave the lady Jo, she is a new generation deeper life